Workforce Development

The future is bright.

The aggregates industry is vital to our country’s rapidly expanding infrastructure. As our cities continue to grow, the demand to aggregates increases exponentially—and so do the opportunities for individuals who choose to build a career in this essential industry.

Endless Opportunities

For individuals interested in building a career in the aggregates industry, the sky is the limit. From Science to Operations and Quality Control to Managment, the aggregate industry needs hardworking individuals from a variety of different backgrounds to operate in an efficient and sustainable manor.

Science & Engineering

Understanding where and how to mine, as efficiently and sustainably as possible, to both minimize impact and maximize production. The aggregates industry needs geologists who understand the earth and differing environments as well as engineers who can plan and implement a detailed strategy for extracting those materials.

Quality Control & Safety

The aggregates industry is heavily regulated which means companies must maintain strict quality control standards both in practice and in their production. Stringent safety protocols must be adhered to which fosters a safe working environment, ensuring you go home to your loved ones every day.


From explosive specialists to equipment operators and support personnel, these are the individuals tasked with removing and processing the materials that make civilized life possible for everyone else. They are the boots on the ground, problem solvers who literally move mountains ever single day.

Sales, Admin & Management

Every company within the aggregates industry needs sales staff, accountants, HR personnel and managers. With the advancements in technology, support from the “home office” is more crucial and capable today than it’s ever been. 

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Commitment to Safety

SCAA is committed to protecting the safety and health of its members’ most precious resource: their workers.

SCAA’s commitment to safe and healthy workplaces, as well as its compliance with related  standards, is illustrated by the association’s leadership in developing a public/private partnership to  encourage training and education that helps operators do the best possible job of safeguarding workers.

The Safety and Health Guiding Principles ensure that workplace safety and health is a primary concern to the aggregates industry and must be given priority status in a company’s operations. Mining companies work very hard to ensure employees have a safe working environment.

Rules are established by the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), which regulates general industry and construction, and the United States Mine Safety Health Administration (MSHA), which regulates mining. These agencies hold companies accountable for worker safety.

Improving worker safety in the aggregates industry

Like most businesses, productivity is key in the mining and quarrying industry. This means that machines are often pushed to their limits, with workers feeling under pressure to meet tight deadlines. It is easy to make a mistake or cut corners when working under pressure, but a mistake in this industry could be fatal. It is essential to have safety procedures in place to minimize risk to workers in the industry,  as well as reporting processes to record any near-misses which can then be investigated thoroughly and acted upon, to prevent an accident from occurring and ensuring worker safety. Statistically, mining and quarrying is one of the most dangerous industries to work in. For this reason, it is essential that SCAA member businesses are proactive about the health and safety of their workers, continuously working to make improvements to reduce the risk of personal injury.